Who else is going to tell you the best sneaker tips and tricks?

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They look proper cool. That all white ultra boost pairs are so shiny. I’m going to spoil your feelings. They will get dirty soon. Yeah, this is going to happen. No worries, we got you. Here is the best article on how to take care of your new trendy pair of kicks. The best sneaker tips for 2018. Are you ready? Let’s go.

Store them properly

Yeah, you don’t want to take your sneakers sunbathing with you. Don’t do that or your stylish kicks will be yellow like SpongeBob on his best day. The light usually causes yellowing, which devalues your shoes. Your best bet is storing them in the darkest place. We know this is the common problem among the sneakerheads, so take your notes.

Network with people

If you just don’t want to clean your shoes, your best bet would be purchasing new ones. It’s always good to have friends who work in the sneaker shops. Who doesn’t like to get the heat early? All you need is a few friends working at Foot Locker and you’re the most stylish dude on the block.

Spot the fake

So you decided to purchase new kicks, but are you sure you’re buying the genuine ones? It’s hard nowadays, but you shouldn’t give up. In this day and age, it’s difficult to get the sneakers on the official websites, especially the designer ones. I still advise you to get the shoes on more trustworthy sites. But if there’s no way around, you should definitely check the fonts and details.

Check the old stuff

Your parents and grandparents used to be trendy too. So why don’t you hit them up and ask for some of that 90s heat? Flip them on eBay for a couple $$$ or wear them yourself. It’s a common thing nowadays, old stuff gets fashionable, you know.

Clean your sneakers

So this is the obvious one. You must clean your kicks. Your shoes can often smell bad when you’ve worn them for a full day. Sometimes just airing them out helps, but that’s not always the case. You need something stronger every once in a while. You can put the sneakers in an enclosed box with soda, so your shoes will smell Gucci in the morning. Get the needed tools for it and do the job. After you have left the newly cleaned shoes to dry naturally (never put them near direct heat), place them on a clean white material. Yeah, don’t forget the laces too. Remove the laces and either replace them with new white ones or clean them until they’re perfectly white.

Long gone the days when you could throw your shoes into a washing machine. Modern days need modern solutions. There’s nothing hard about it. Just take care of them from time to time and you’ll be Gucci.

So here you have it. Just some of the tips, we know. Take notes and apply them. Let the sneaker greatness be with you!

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