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High five to all my students out there. It’s that time of the year again. I know it’s hard to cope up with the situation when your holidays are about to end but I believe in you. I wish you to get through it faster and achieve everything you planned for yourself. Come on man. I see you need to bring some of that heat to your sneaker game, huh? I got you covered. Here we’ll introduce the world beater sneakers to you, only the best for your buck. Only the stylish ones get the pass. You won’t be disappointed, trust me fam. You’re reading the best back to school sneaker guide, let’s get it.

So what you should look for in a running shoe? Hmm, let me guess. They must be ultra comfy, right? Yeah, that would be good. They also should be very lightweight, we want to replicate that Gucci sense here. Preferably they should have some sort of boost system, so you have that extra edge, right? What else? Oh yeah, you want them to look cool. Thankfully, I have some great picks for you.

Let’s talk trends. Yeah, if you ever wanted to be Hypebeast, this is your chance. Almost everyone and their mom wear these pairs, but there are reasons these shoes are so trendy. The designers and influencers did a really great job to make these shoes so widespread. Everyone loves these kicks and I’m no different. Ladies and gentleman, the most hyped up sneakers on the market…

Adidas x Yeezy Desert Rat 500

The Yeezy era continues. So what can I really say? You barely can find this shoe on the market, it’s that popular. But that shouldn’t be a surprise for you. Kanye came and completely changed the sneaker game. Yeezys will always be in demand and rightfully so. Every pair of Yeezys possesses a unique feel of self-identity and that’s why I personally love them. Back to the shoe. A combination of modern and retro design suits Yeezys very well. It’s constructed of mesh and premium suede. In the end, it’s an overall great sneaker you should pick one for yourself (well, if you can find it).

Adidas Ultraboost 4.0

The king of comfort. There’re not so many changes compared to the previous version, but still, this shoe holds it’s pros like a king. Unlike the other sneakers, Ultraboost 4.0 comes at a decent, not so premium price. Props to Adidas for that. The PrimeKnit upper provides that extra breathability, so you can run an extra mile in these. Just buy them now and if you need to go somewhere, just throw them on.

You can never go wrong with my picks, no lie. If you choose to go with these Hypebeast kicks, you won’t have to worry about your shoe game for quite a long time. So that’s all for today. We’ll keep bringing you the heat as always. Stay tuned!

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