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Skepta Nike, Skepta Nike, Skepta Nike, Skepta Nike… Do you like my Gucci Gang parody? I know you don’t.

“Flashback to the cold nights in the trap, Now I’m the whip counting the big stack / Yellow-gold chains and the diamonds are black”. That’s Skepta ladies and gentleman. The man changed the UK rap game and made it relevant again.

It’s rumored that he will drop a collab with Nike, which in my opinion is a huge achievement for both parties. According to @py_rates, the next sneaker Skepta has an influence on is the Air Max Deluxe. We don’t have much info on it, but the shoe is expected to highlight a Black and Deep Red throughout the upper.

So what can Skepta really bring to the table?

I actually think that Skepta is the perfect man to work on the Air Max 97. His style and creativity will excellently suit the look and feel of this shoe. Skepta can definitely turn 97s into a true UK sneaker. I’m really excited to see what this sneaker will look like on its release date.

There is no confirmation on the exact release date at the moment, but we expect it to come out in June 2018. We really want to know your opinion on the sneaker and the collab in general. Share your thoughts with us.

The Nike Air Max 97 Silver Bullet review

The first generations of Air Max featured the curved lines and toned colors with a big bubble-like sole. It always had that industrial design about them. It’s relevant to say that the design of Air Max 97 is inspired by Japanese bullet trains which Nike’s designer Christian Tresser was always a fan of (a very bright call I must say). That’s actually the reason why these sneakers quickly became popular as Nike’s Silver Bullet. So in 1997, the original 97s were released and people were absolutely loving it. The Max 97s didn’t look similar to other shoes. Someone stated, that the shoe has dad vibe look to it and I can’t lie, there’s some truth in it. Anyways, whether you like it or hate it, on April 13 of 2017, Nike brought back the refreshed version of the Nike Air Max 97 Silver Bullet. The freshest on the shelves of your nearest sneaker shop.

Actually, it wasn’t the first time Nike returned this legendary sneaker to the market. Surprisingly the Nike Air Max 97 Silver Bullet was brought to the UK market in 2016. It was highly rated by the UK rappers and it brought a new wave of fans to this shoe. But wait, who is one of the most famous rappers in the UK? Skepta. Who is about to drop one of the hottest sneakers of 2018? That’s right, Skepta. It all makes perfect sense now.

What can we really say about this shoe? It’s stylish. As we already mentioned, it has a dad vibe to it. It will perfectly suit you if you rock joggers a lot. Starting at around $150, we think that Nike Air Max 97 Silver Bullet is a dope shoe to throw on in 2018.

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