Nah, we’re not a sellout. We honestly love the Heritage 1921.

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Hey fam, how you are doing? We’re back again with the fire review of the world’s hottest watch of 2018. You should never slip on this release. Ladies and gentleman, please welcome, the Ambassador Heritage 1921 – best watch to match your Hypebeast look.

heritage 1921

First impression

Before we get to the watch, I’m going to tell you my experience with Ambassador brand. First of all, just look at their website (Click Here). You instantly get the feeling that this company knows what’s up. Investing in initial experience is very important if you want to be successful. For example, whose articles you’d rather read, a dull corporate style writer who reviews products by mentioning the features of it or someone like me (so shameless lol), who tells you stories, who loves you, who wants you to look cool? I guess you chose the 2nd option, that’s why you’re here, right? Yeah, so Ambassador brand is not your regular watch brand. Even before you purchased the actual product, you can see that you’re getting value for your buck.

Customer support

Before I decided to purchase the watch, I was like: “Hey, let’s check out their customer support.” Guess what? They replied in 18 seconds. You heard it right, 18 seconds. Not only their response was very fast, it was very genuine, helpful and written by the human (not bot message). Now you know that I check everything before I recommend something to you 🙂


The Ambassador brand has free worldwide shipping and free returns, no questions asked, which is pretty good for you guys. I know this may sound like a sellout article, but it really isn’t. I just really love my recent purchase and I think you guys should check it out too because the watch is really stylish. You know, it has the potential to hit the Ultraboosts hype when Kanye showed up in them. Definitely one of the hidden gems of the watch market.

Work of art

heritage 1921

Let’s talk about the watch itself. So I’ve got myself the Heritage 1921 with the silver mesh strap. You already know that I love this watch. It comes in the all black box and you can already feel that Gucci type of lux materials. Made out of black leather, this box makes you want to store your gold in it.

You open this box and you see the beauty. I mean just look at the picture, there’re no words needed. White watch face, silver mesh strap, 40mm polished stainless steel, innovative Japanese Quartz movement. This is not a watch piece, this is truly an art piece that comes at an affordable price. The guys from Ambassador watches really know their stuff and brought us the best watch of 2018, in my opinion. Watch out for them. They will hit big this year.

So this is my review of the Ambassador Heritage 1921 and I have to say, I’m really impressed. My job is to bring my opinion on the new releases and find untapped gems for you guys, I really love it. I hope you love my writings too. More heat on the way, stay tuned!

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